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Process moulded fleece

With busse heating tables! The current trend for creative innovations: The moulded fleece  The bus heating stage is particularly suitable for these applications. Thanks to the stable construction on the one hand and the elimination of unnecessary design features on the other, we can provide you with a highly interesting product in price.

The tables are manufactured according to customer specifications. Each product is manufactured according to your specifications.

- Sturdy welded table frame mounted on 4 rollers
- upper heating plate only attached to the rear of the lower table. Slide-through machining is therefore possible without any problems
- easy material removal due to hinged top plate
- easy opening due to support of gas pressure dampers
- optional pneumatic control with two-wall circuit
- single or multiple division of heating surfaces
- low space requirement
- heating conductor system with PTFE and glass silk braiding
- EasyLift - easy height adjustment for different material thicknesses
- extensive special accessories <>- EasyLift - easy special height adjustment for different material thicknesses
- extensive special accessories

Technical details:
Operating temperature: max. 170°C
Available in all desired sizes
Connection capacity depending on plate size. Output per m² = 3500 Wat
Temperature control via microstate or electronic microprocessor controller

3D Forming

Deformation and cooling tools are required for further 3D processing. For these tools you can rely on the leading manufacturer in the field of pressing tools for plywood forming. Wood tools made of beech plywood are primarily used for the deformation of solid surface materials. Aluminium tools are best suited for recooling. The cooling media are guided through the tools through pipe registers.

Our application engineers will be happy to advise you on individual questions.

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