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The best controller for the best heating plate

Perfect to our heating plate and to your requirements: The temperature control. From a simple capillary tube controller to a control cabinet with PLC connection. Our primary goal is to supply you with the optimum heating plate solution. And so that this solution can be used professionally, we manufacture the appropriate temperature control for you directly with.

All components from one source. That this is the right way, we know from long experience and by the confirmation of our customers. Deslahb you get with us the comprehensive service. We only use quality products. In this way, we can always guarantee our customers that they can work safely and satisfied in the long term.

About us

Busse Heizplattentechnik GmbH
Fritz-Souchon-Strasse 22
DE-32339 Espelkamp

Telefon +49.5772.97750
Telefax +49.5772.977555
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