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The basic equipment: Busses Electric heating bars

Electric heating bars are recommended for gluing veneer and plastic edges. Both in a frame or edge press or in the craft sector.

The electric heating rod has been standard equipment in every carpentry and joinery shop for decades. A tool that is an indispensable part of everyday operations. Whether in the workshop or on site on the building site. Admittedly, edge banding machines are now a must in every carpenter's and joiner's workshop. But have you ever taken your edge banding machine with you to the construction site?

Electric heating rods are recommended for gluing veneer and plastic edges. Whether used in frame and edge presses or in the craft sector - buses Electric heating rods have proven themselves 1000 times over for more than 30 years.

All buses Electric heating rods are made of thermo-mechanically resistant aluminium profiles and are silver anodised as standard. The maintenance-friendly heatsealing band system enables a constant, thermostatically controlled surface temperature. The recessed controller axis of the temperature controller protects the user against accidental adjustment of the temperature. Buses Electric heating rods are equipped with a reliable plug protection and a robust 3 m industrial cable. The cross-section of all electric heating rods is 64 x 46 mm. In addition to the standard dimensions, we offer any intermediate length and special designs up to 6000 mm on request.

All heating rods are also suitable for processing solid surface materials. 

Standard dimensions

Dimensions Voltage Power
600 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 500 Watt
1100 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 700 Watt
1600 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 800 Watt
2100 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 1100 Watt
2600 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 1200 Watt
3100 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 1450 Watt
3600 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 1550 Watt
4100 x 64 x 46 mm 230 Volt 1700 Watt

Our electric heating elements are available from specialist dealers or directly from us.  


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