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Medium heating plate VAR. Al for your veneer press

The Busse medium heating plate impresses with its efficiency and the flexible application possibilities. 

  • Made from 100 % thermally conductive aluminium
  • all components heat-resistant bonded together
  • Rectangular heat transfer tubes optimerien the temperature transition to the press surface
  • energy saving due to larger pipe cross-section. In comparison to older heating systems with inserted round tubes
  • Absolutely flat pressing surfaces. Free of rivets and screws, therefore easy push-through machining of oversized pressed parts
  • Uniform temperature distribution over the entire pressing surface
  • suitable for water and heat transfer oils
  • absolutely insensitive to changing design of the pressing surface
  • Miscellaneous pressing surface designs
  • All special sizes on request
  • Available in 3 different surface finishes 
    • Standard
    • Standard plus
    • Eloxal

Almost 90 % of all new machines are equipped with anodized heating plates. The anodised layer is available in silver or gold.

- excellent corrosion protection
- high surface hardness
- easy cleaning of heating plates
- minimized use of release agents 




hob mheizplatte stahl 320The Robust: Medium heating plate VAR. St

If you need to use your press not only for veneer work and with operating temperatures of more than 120 degrees C, then the St variant is the right choice. This heating plate has a tube system of rectangular steel tubes in its core. Due to the absence of composite material, this system can be used at temperatures of more than 200 degrees C. 

The Var. ST is also suitable for operation at higher press pressures. 




Please refer to our leaflet on water qualities. You can find it in the download area INSTRUCTIONS


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