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Proven: Electric heating plates for your veneer press

Our electric heating plates are characterised by an above-average service life and product quality. 

  • Absolutely flat pressing surfaces. Rivet and screw-free, therefore problem-free push-through machining of oversized pressed parts
  • Short heat-up time, fastest operational readiness. In 8 - 12 minutes approx. 100°C
  • Low power consumption due to very good thermal conductivity
  • Uniform temperature distribution over the entire pressing surface
  • Short operating cycles of approx. 3 minutes
  • Long-life heatsealing band system
  • High pressure resistant, solid insulating plate construction for best pressure transmission in all press types
  • Suspended suspensions
  • Miscellaneous pressing surface designs
  • Special designs for the machining of solid surface materials
  • All special sizes, hotplates or other on request

Heating plate Combi E



hob heizplatte khp gold 320Almost 90 % of all new machines are equipped with anodized heating plates. The anodised layer is available in silver or gold colour

- high surface hardness
- easy cleaning of heating plates
- minimized use of release agents




Heating plate Combi S


hob heizplatte hob natur 320Electric combination heating plate with bright-rolled surface.
Standard version for every veneer press.

- hard aluminium alloy
- special plan rolled aluminium sheets
- 1000 times proven
- meets all requirements of veneer work

Heating plate Combi S+

hob heizplatte khp mylar 320The Combi Splus is a standard plate that is additionally covered with a Mylar® film.

- Heating plate surface is protected by the replaceable and low-wear plastic film
- similar glue-repellent properties as an anodized surface
- older heating plates can be retrofitted with Mylar® film
- easy installation
- is simply clamped by the edge profiles of the insulating printing plate


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